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Amateur Radio

Besides testing Content Management Systems for webdesign I have found one of the most fascinating hobbies which one can have today: Amateur Radio or HAM Radio. Unfortunately  I am not very active on air due to a lack of time right now. I have obtained my Amateur Radio License in 1982 and I am holding the callsign DL6KBF.

Ever since I am dealing with Amateur Radio I was always more enthusiastic about the possibility to build my own Ham Radio gear as well as the accessories than about operating it. Therefore in my free time I am not very busy on air but fancy much more the modern possibilities of building Amateur Radio equipment.

If we talk about 'modern possibilities of Ham Radio gear' this means today the use of a so-called Software Defined Radio. This is a special bread of radio receiver and transmitter which still contains some 'hardware' but its properties can be freely configured through 'software'.

A very interesting project of Software Defined Radio exists since some years now where HAMs (this is how Amateur Radio operators are called) from all over the world are involved in developing, building as well as testing a modular system of high performance blocks of hardware as well as firmware and software. The group link can be found below:

HPSDR - High Performance Software Defined Radio


Besides Software Defined Radio I have dedicated this part of my website to describe some interesting (at least for me!) amateur radio projects which I have built or which I am building right now. I am trying to document everything in such a way that you will get an idea of how it works and where you can find the sources.

Some people have already asked me to make printed circuit boards for them or even build one or the other item for them. Guys (and girls) - I am a hard working man with a limited amount of spare time. And this I will use for my pleasure, not for work!

73 de Horst DL6KBF